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6861340Max Vos is the bestselling author of My Hero. He is loved by his readers for his ‘inappropriate’ side, bringing hot and steamy sex to his writing. Not hemmed in by a single genre Max has the ability to woo you with sweet romance, move you with the power of his words and make you question your definition of love.

Having retired in 2011 after more than 30 years as a chef, Max turned his creativity to writing. You can always find wonderful Southern charm, well rounded and vibrant characters with a good meaty story line in a Max Vos book. Each book will give you something new and amazing to love.


Hawk –N-Harley
My Hero
P.O.W. – MLR Publisher

The Memories Series
A Christmas Memory
A Christmas Memory II
A Valentine’s Memory
A Spring Break Memory

The V Unit
Inappropriate Roads: A Max Vos Anthology
Going Home
My Hero: The Olympian
Life After Death – Coming Soon

Available in French

Mon Héros
Hawk ‘n’ Harley
Unite V
Rentrer a la Maison

Disponibili in italiano

Il Mio Eroe
Andare a Casa
Il Mio Eroe: l’Olimpionico Prossimamente


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